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===Verbs of Inhabiting===
*Verbs meaning "to inhabit" generally can either take an accusative (object) or a locative (place): ''Habito Romae'' '''or''' ''Romam''.
==='''How to say "Athens, Greece"===
*As noted above, these special rules apply only to names of cities and small islands. So what happens if you want to say "Aristophanes was born in Athens, Greece"? Since Athens is a city, it is supposed to be in the locative case, but since Greece is the name of a country it should be in the ablative with ''in''. How to solve this problem? Say ''Aristophanes natus est Athenis in Graecia''! This rule also applies with the other constructions listed above: ''Nuntium misit Athenas in Graeciam'' "He sent a messenger to Athens, Greece", ''Huc venit Athenis ex Graecia'' "He came here from Athens, Greece."
*In some cases it may be possible to use the name of the local tribe in the plural. This was commonly done to distinguish cities from others of the same name, e.g. ''Lugdunum Batavorum''.

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