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|'''[[Certamien Cantus Eurovisionis 1994|1994]]'''
|[[Fasciculus:Flag of Estonia.pngsvg|border|24x24px]] [[Estonia]], [[Fasciculus:Flag of Hungary.svg|border|24x24px]] [[Hungaria]], [[Fasciculus:Flag of Lithuania1.png|border|24x24px]] [[Lituania]], [[Fasciculus:Flag of Poland.svg|border|24x24px]] [[Polonia]], [[Fasciculus:Flag of Romania.svg|border|24x24px]] [[Romania]], {{Vexillum|Russia|24}}, [[Fasciculus:Flag of Slovakia.svg|border|24x24px]] [[Slovacia]]
|'''[[Certamien Cantus Eurovisionis 1998|1998]]'''
| [[Certamen Cantus Eurovisionis 2000|CCE 2000]] || [[Holmia]] ([[Suecia]]) || [[Fasciculus:Flag of Denmark.svg|border|24x24px]] '''[[Dania]]''' || ''Fly On The Wings Of Love'' ([[Olsen Brothers]])
| [[Certamen Cantus Eurovisionis 2001|CCE 2001]] || [[Hafnia]] ([[Dania]]) || [[Fasciculus:Flag of Estonia.pngsvg|border|24x24px]] [[Estonia|'''Estonia''']] || ''Everybody'' ([[Tanel Padar]] & [[Dave Benton]])
| [[Certamen Cantus Eurovisionis 2002|CCE 2002]] || [[Tallinna]] ([[Estonia]]) || '''[[Fasciculus:Flag of Latvia.svg|border|24x24px]]''' '''[[Lettonia]]''' || ''I Wanna'' ([[Marie N]])


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