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[[Fasciculus:UTC+2_(2011).png|thumb|300x300px|UTC+02 2010: Blue (December), Orange (June), Yellow (all year round), Light Blue – Sea areas]]
'''UTC+02:00''' isest antempus identifierquod forab a[[UTC]] timeduabus offsethoris fromadditis UTC of +02differt. In [[ISO 8601]] the associated time would be written as 2017-10-17T21:52:40{{TimebyUTCoffset|+|02:|00}}. ThisSi time is[[Cairus|Cairi]], used[[Ioannesburgum|Ioannesburgi]], in:[[Harare]]''
== As standard time (all year round) ==
''Principal cities: [[Cairus|Cairo]], [[Ioannesburgum|Johannesburg]], [[Harare]]''
=== Europe ===
=== North Africa / Western Asia ===
* {{Vexillum|EgyptAegyptus}}
* {{Vexillum|Libya}}
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