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m ((GR) File renamed: File:Memorial Park, Providence RI.jpgFile:Ruth Simmons Quad Brown University.jpg File renaming criterion #3: To correct obvious errors in file names, including misspelled [[c::e...)
Image:MIT Building 10 and the Great Dome, Cambridge MA.jpg|<center>[[Massachusettense Institutum Technologiae]]</center>
Image:Lexington Battle Green, Lexington MA.jpg|<center>[[Massachusetta]]</center>
Image:Las Vegas Boulevard northbound, Las Vegas NV.jpg|<center>[[Nivata]]</center>
Image:Congregational Church, East Brookfield VT.jpg|<center>[[Mons Viridis]]</center>
Image:Market Street, Wilmington DE.jpg|<center>[[Delavaria]]</center>


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