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'''Appendicitis''' est [[inflammatio]] [[appendix|appendici]]. Appendix, ubi inflammatio acute fiat, [[pus|pure]] impleri potest, et si infectio augmentat vel ulcerat, appendice [[Gangraena|gangraenosa]] fietfiat et se vulneretur vel rumpatur . '''Appendicitis''' gigni potest infectione [[bacteria|bacteriale]] aut obstructione [[sanguis|sanguine]] ad [[appendix|appendice]]m causa particuli [[excrementum|excrementi]] indurati quod inhaeret in commeatu [[appendix|appendici]].<ref name="Wangensteen OH, Bowers WF 1937 496–526">{{Cite journal|vauthors=Wangensteen OH, Bowers WF |title=Significance of the obstructive factor in the genesis of acute appendicitis |journal=Arch Surg |volume=34 |issue= 3|pages=496–526 |year=1937|doi=10.1001/archsurg.1937.01190090121006}}.</ref><ref name="Pieper R, Kager L, Tidefeldt U 1982 63–72">{{Cite journal|vauthors=Pieper R, Kager L, Tidefeldt U |title=Obstruction of appendix vermiformis causing acute appendicitis. One of the most common causes of this is an acute viral infection which causes lymphoid hyperplasia and therefore obstruction. An experimental study in the rabbit |journal=Acta Chir Scand |volume=148 |issue=1 |pages=63–72 |year=1982 |pmid=7136413}}.</ref> <ref name="Harrison's">{{cite book|last1=al.]|first1=ed. Dan L. Longo ... [et|title=Harrison's principles of internal medicine.|date=2012|publisher=McGraw-Hill|location=New York|isbn=978-0-07174889-6|page=Chapter 300|edition=18th|url=http://accessmedicine.mhmedical.com.ucsf.idm.oclc.org/content.aspx?bookid=331&Sectionid=40727094}}.</ref> [[Hernia]] vel scissura appendici ducere potest a [[peritonitis|peritonitem]]. Optimum remedium notum hodie appendicitem est [[appendectomia]], enim excissio appendici inflammati.
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