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== Opera ab ipso divulgata ==
* 1846 : ''[[A Book of Nonsense (Lear)|A Book of Nonsense]]'', by Derry Down Derry. Londinii: Thomas McLeaMcLean
** 1855 : 2a ed.
** 1861 : ''A Book of Nonsense'', by Edward Lear. 3a ed. Londinii: Warne & Routledge, 1861 [http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/BoN/index.html textus]
* 1871 : ''Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany and Alphabets''. Londinii: Robert Bush [http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/ns/index.html textus]
* 1872 : ''More Nonsense, Pictures, Rhymes, Botany, etc''. Londinii: Robert Bush [http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/MN/index.html textus]
* 1877 : ''Laughable Lyrics. A Fourth Book of Nonsense Poems, Songs, Botany, Music, &c''. Londinii: Robert Bush [http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/ll/index.html textus]
== Bibliographia ==
; Editiones operum
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; Aliae encyclopaediae

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