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I have to check for ''syndrome Moebii'' but ''syndrome'', ''syndroma'' and ''syndromum'' are attested in medical Latin. Unfortunately ''syndroma'' is misinterpreted as neutrius generis by the ''Nomina Embryologica'' while other sources consider it of feminine gender. In Ancient Greek συνδρομή is used as 'concurrence of symptoms, clinical picture'. So 'syndrome, -es', could be considered as a clear equivalent. In medical Latin, ''concursus'' is also used. With kind regards, [[Usor:Wimpus|Wimpus]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Wimpus|disputatio]]) 22:36, 15 Septembris 2014 (UTC)
:Nice of you to comment, Wimpus. Maybe we should wait a little, before moving again, in case you (or someone) can find a direct Latin name for ''Moebius Syndrome''. <font face="Gill Sans">[[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew]]<font color="green">[[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby| Dalby]]</font></font> 08:33, 16 Septembris 2014 (UTC)
::Dear Andrew and IacobusAmor, I have consulted multiple dictionaries, but I still have not found such a coinage like ''syndrome sive syndroma Moebii''. You can distinguish between Möbius syndrome (English ''congenital facial diplegia'') and Möbius disease (English: ''ophthalmoplegic migraine'') (and even Möbius sign), but the disease seems to became earlier associated with Möbius than the syndrome. Considering the spelling of his name: my 1990 and 1998 editions of Pschyrembel Klinisches Wörterbuch write Moebius, while my 1972 and 1977 editions write Möbius. Some polyglot dictionaries write both (depending on the language), while Arnaudov's 1977 Terminologia medica polyglotta writes ''Moebiusi signum'' (with the genitive-i glued to the ''-ius''). Sio, I have to consult additional dicitionaries to sort this out. Another possibility is to use avoid the eponymous expression. Möbius disease is also known in Latin as ''hemicranaia ophthalmoplegia'', but I have not found expressions like ''diplegia facialis congenita'' (despite some obscure internet sites), although the slightly more barbaric ''diplegia facialis congenitalis'' can be found in [https://archive.org/stream/zentralblattfrp19unkngoog/zentralblattfrp19unkngoog_djvu.txt this article], although I have not checked whether this deals with Möbius syndrome. With kind regards, [[Usor:Wimpus|Wimpus]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Wimpus|disputatio]]) 16:10, 18 Septembris 2014 (UTC)
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