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[[Fasciculus:N64 Clear Blue.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Consola lusoria]] [[Nintendo 64]] cum ludis; ''Super Mario 64''.]]
'''''Super Mario 64''''' ([[Lingua Iaponica|Iaponice]]: スーパーマリオ64, ''Sūpā Mario Rokujūyon'', [[Lingua Latina|Latine]]: "Super Marius 64") est [[ludus televisificus]] [[consola lusoria|consolae lusoriae]] [[Nintendo 64|Nintendini 64]], pervulgatus [[Dies|die]] [[23 Iunii]] [[1996]] in [[Iaponia]] et [[26 Septembris]] [[1996]] in [[America Septentrionalis|America Septentrionali]] et [[1 Martii]] [[1997]] in [[Europa]]. Is cum ''[[Pilotwings 64]]'' fuit unus ex primis ludis machinae novae. Primas venditiones machinae egit et ab 11&thinsp;000&thinsp;000 hominum emptus est.<ref>http://www.gamecubicle.com/features-mario-units_sold_sales.htm (visitatum 10 Februarii 2006)</ref>
== Cursus ==
* ''Bob-omb Battlefield'' ("Campus Pugnae Robertorum Bombarum"), primus cursus ludi consolae et domus [[Big Bob-omb]] ("Magnus Robertus Bomba") et [[Bob-omb Buddy|Bob-omb Buddies]] ("Amici Robertiani Bombae").
* ''Whomp's Fortress'' ("Whomp Castellum"), giganteum, fluens castellum et domus [[Whomp|Whomps]] (pl.; Whomp sg.), [[Thwomp|Thwomps]] (pl.; Thwomp sg), et [[WhompKing RexWhomp]] ("Whomp Rex").
* ''Jolly Roger Bay''<!--, a large lake with a small cave, a pirate ship and a jet stream. The "Jolly Roger" was a flag used by pirates at sea -->
* ''Cool, Cool Mountain'' ("Frigidus, Frigidus Mons")<!--, an icy with a slide in the interior, a headless snowman and a lost baby Penguin.-->
* ''Big Boo's Haunt'' ("Magnus Buris Vexans")<!--, a haunted mansion that is four floors and the home of Big Boo and King Boo.-->
* ''Shifting Sand Land'' ("Terra Harenae Mutans")<!--, a sand world with a Tox Box maze, four pillars, a large amount of quicksand and a pyramid in the middle.-->
* ''Dire, Dire Docks''<!--, a small lake with a large dock system.-->
* ''Snowman's Land'' ("Viri Nivalis Terra")<!--, another snowy land, this time with a giant snowman, an icy lake, and an igloo. The name of the course is a pun on the English language phrase "no man's land" ([[Terra nullius]]). -->
* ''Wet-Dry World'' ("Mundus Madidus-Siccus")<!--, a much larger dock system with changeable water levels.-->
* ''Tall, Tall Mountain'' ("Longus, Longus Mons")<!--, a large mountain with many obstacles along the way to the top.-->
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