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({{fn|succurre}} vel {{fn|in progressu}})
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{| style="border-left:8px solid lightgreen; padding-left:1.4em; background-color:#EDEDED; text-align:left; width:100%; margin:auto; margin-bottom:.5em"
<div style="background-color:#ffcccc; padding:25px; margin:25px;">'''<!-- Problem -->[[Imago:Crystal 128 error.png|30px]] Latinitas huius commentationis est pessima.'''
<!--| Explanationstyle="width:70%;" --|'''Latinitas huius commentationis est pessima.'''<br />Ut teneantur, commentationes bona [[Vicipaedia:Latinitas|Latinitate]] scribendae sunt et cum vera sapientia.<br '''et'''/>Rescribe, cumsi bonapotes, [[Vicipaedia:Latinitas|Latinitate]].aut Vide etiamformulam {{fn|latinitassuccurre}} suppone. Si praeter hebdomadem errores maneant, delebitur commentatio.<br />
<small>Formulae aliae: {{fn|non latine}} &mdash; {{fn|iocus}}</small>
<!-- Solution -->Viae apertae:
*Latinius rescribe, et iterum da gradum. Vide etiam {{fn|latinitas}}.
*Utere {{fn|tiro}}.
*Utere {{fn|succurre}} vel {{fn|in progressu}}.
*Roga opem, forsan in [[Vicipaedia:Taberna]].
[[Imago:Keep tidy ask.svg|30px]] <!-- Policy -->Si praeter hebdomadem errores maneant, delebitur commentatio.
header=[[Image:English language.svg|24px|left|English language]] English|
label=[ ▼ Show ]|
labelhide=[ ▲ Hide ]|
content=<div style="background-color:#ffcccc;">The Latin of this article is not good enough. An article needs a minimum level of [[Vicipaedia:Latinitas|Latinity]] to be retained. Rewrite it, if you can, or replace this header with {{fn|succurre}}. If the page is not improved within 1 week it will be deleted.</div>}}
content=<div style="background-color:#ffcccc;">'''<!-- Problem -->[[Imago:Crystal 128 error.png|30px]] This article's Latin is too bad.'''
<!-- Explanation -->An article has to have a minimum level of [[Vicipaedia:Latinitas|Latinitas]] to stay here. See also {{fn|latinitas}}.<br />
<includeonly>[[Categoria:Latinitas -6 (pessima)]]</includeonly><noinclude>
<small>Formulae aliae: {{fn|non latine}} &mdash; {{fn|iocus}}</small>
<!-- Solution -->Options:
*Improve the Latin and re-rate the article. See {{fn|latinitas}}.
*Use {{fn|tiro}}.
*Use {{fn|in progressu}}.
*Or ask for help, maybe in the [[Vicipaedia:Taberna]].
[[Imago:Keep tidy ask.svg|30px]] <!-- Policy -->If the problem is not resolved within 1 week, the page will be deleted.</div>}}</div><noinclude>
==De usu==
Utere hac formula si Latinitas commentationis nimis mala est.
==Vide etiam==
*{{fn|nonNon latine}}
[[Categoria:Latinitas -6 (pessima)|ß]]

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