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*'''Noli''' creare [[Vicipaedia:Non-stipula|non-stipulas]]! Melius est non creare paginam quam solum unicam sententiam scribere.
:''Ratio:'' Stipulae, quae solum ex unica sententia constant, molestae sunt. Vicipaedia Latina minorem numerum utentium habet quam e. g. [[:en:|Vicipaedia Anglica]]. Ergo cura utentium Vicipaediae nostrae maior esse debet. Si paginam valde parvam scribere velis, adde hoc textum: ''<nowiki>{{stipula}}</nowiki>''. Sic alii utentes stipulam facilius invenire possunt.
*Adde nexus ad versiones huius paginae aliis linguis, e.g. ''<nowiki>[[</nowiki>en:History]]</nowiki>''.
*Locis allatis utere, at noli te supra vires extendere!
:''Ratio:'' Locis uti operum aliorum auctorum bene est et paginam meliorem facere potest. Vicipaedia, autem, encyclopaedia est, ''non'' tabularium fontium scriptarum. Pro illo paginae generis [[:s:|Vicifons]] exstat. Adde sectionem ''<nowiki>==Nexus externi==</nowiki>'' cum nexu ad verba completa operis in interreti.
:''Rationale:'' Non-stubs that consist only of a sentence are a nuisance rather than a real contribution. Latin Wikipedia has far fewer users than the [[:en:|English Version]] for example, which is why our users have a correspondingly bigger responsibility for what they are contributing. Ask yourself: if not even you are interested enough to write an at least somewhat decent article about it, why should anyone else bother to do so?
:However, if you do create a very short article, at least add the '''boilerplate text ''<nowiki>{{stipula}}</nowiki>'' ''' so that others are pointed to it.
*Add links to versions of the same article in other Wikipedias, e.g. ''<nowiki>[[</nowiki>en:History]]</nowiki>'' adds a link to the article ''history'' of the English Wikipedia.
*Use quotes from original Latin works, but don't overdo it!
:''Rationale:'' Quoting from the original works of authors writing in Latin can improve an article considerably. However, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is ''not'' a repository for source material. That's what web-sites like [[:s:|Wikisource]] are for. If you know of a web-site hosting the complete source text, then add a section ''<nowiki>==Nexus externi==</nowiki>'' with this link. Also you can add a link to [[q:|Latin Wikiquote]], a collection of Latin quotations.

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