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Fontes nominum?
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(Fontes nominum?)
'''''Mangaca'''''<ref>{{Fontes desiderati}}</ref> ([[Iaponice]]: 漫画家 ''mangaka''), vel '''mangafex,'''<ref>{{Fontes desiderati}}</ref> est [[manga]]e [[pictor]] [[scriptor]]que.<!--en: comic-book creator, comic artist, cartoonist--> Extra [[Iaponia]]m, vox ''[[manga]]'' mentionem [[libellus comicus|libelli comici]] plerumque facit, et ''mangaca'' mentionem auctoris, ut fit hominis Nipponensis. Anno [[2006]], circiter 3000 mangacae professionales in Iaponia laborabant (McCarthy 2006:14). <!--
Some artists study for a few years at an art college or a manga school, or serve as apprentices for another mangaka before becoming professional artists; however, some start out without having served as an assistant by winning contests run by magazines. For example, [[Naoko Takeuchi]] won such a contest sponsored by [[Kodansha]], and [[Osamu Tezuka]] started out without being an assistant.
*[[Index mangacarum]]
*[[Index Mangarum]]
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