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'''Polynesia''' ([[Lingua Graeca|Graece]]: ''πολύς'' 'multi' + ''νῆσος'' 'insula') est regio [[Oceania|Oceanica]], quae plusquam mille insularum in [[Oceanus Pacificus Centralis|Oceano Pacifico Centrali]] et [[Oceanus Pacificus Australis|Australi]] amplectitur.
[[Fasciculus:MapPacific OC-PolynesiaCulture Areas.PNGjpg|thumb|Tabula Polynesiam monstrans]]<!-- NB: This map isn't the best available; from Polynesia, it omits Fiji and the Polynesian outliers farther west: the map in Douglas Oliver's ''The Pacific Islands'' is better, as are others.-->
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