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::Pro lingua normalis ("standard"), possumus habere paginam nomine [[lingua Mandarinica normalis]]. Quid sentis vel sentiunt omnes?--[[Specialis:Conlationes/|]] 08:00, 1 Iulii 2010 (UTC)
:::Sorry for slipping into English -- I'll go back to Latin if anyone wants. Let's notice that the English page "Mandarin Chinese", although that's its title, is rather deprecating about the use of the term "Mandarin" in that sense: the page says, roughly, that most ordinary people intend "Putonghua/Standard Mandarin" when they use the term Mandarin, and only linguists use the term "Mandarin" to mean "dialects of northern and southwestern China". And, I would add, not all linguists.
:::As anon suggests above, I think we might use "Lingua Mandarinica" for "''Standard Mandarin''". [Added: I wouldn't object to adding "normalis" -- I just think it's scarcely necessary.] The point about the name "Mandarin" -- if we accept it as non-POV -- is that it associates the language with the scholars/administrators, who always focused on the standard language of Beijing. To use the term "Mandarin" for a set of regional dialects is a misnomer, really.
:::But we also need terms for the larger sets:
:::#what en:wiki currently calls "Mandarin Chinese", i.e. the set of northern and southwestern dialects and including Standard Mandarin; for this we might use [[Lingua Sinensis]] (currently a redirect)

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