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'''Aristobulus''' Aristobuli filius '''Cassandrensis''', urbis novae [[Cassandrea]]e incola, origine fortasse [[Phocis|Phocius]]<ref>Lionel Pearson, "Aristobulus the Phocian" in ''American Journal of Philology'' vol. 73 (1952) pp. 71-75</ref> particeps fuit expeditionis [[Alexander Magnus|Alexandri Macedonis]], de qua senex anno fere 295 commentaria scripsit. Iussu Alexandri ipsius Aristobulus sepulchrum [[Cyrus I|Cyri]] regis [[Imperium Achaemenidarum|Persarum]], [[Pasargadae|Pasargadis]] repertum, restauravit.
'''Aristobulus''' of [[Cassandreia]] (ca. 375 - 301 BC), [[Greeks|Greek]] [[historian]], son of Aristobulus, probably a [[Phocian]] settled in
Cassandreia<ref>[http://books.google.com/books?id=gay_i14p9oEC&pg=PA207&dq=Aristobulus+Phocian&sig=UGJSbjS3LIWdwsjEDcS5qsDmVDk Sources for Alexander the Great-N. G. L.Hammond]</ref><ref>[http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0002-9475%281952%2973%3A1%3C71%3AATP%3E2.0.CO%3B2-F&size=LARGE&origin=JSTOR-enlargePageAristobulus Aristobulus the Phocian-American Journal of Philology]</ref><ref>Phokis — Delphi — 252/1 BC [http://epigraphy.packhum.org/inscriptions//oi?ikey=239835&bookid=452&region=3&subregion7= Epigraphical Database]</ref>, accompanied [[Alexander the Great]] on his campaigns. He served throughout as an architect and military engineer<ref>Who's Who in the Age of Alexander the Great by Waldemar Heckel ISBN 9781405112109 </ref> as well as a close friend of Alexander, enjoying royal confidence, and was entrusted with the repair of the tomb of [[Cyrus the Great|Cyrus]] in [[Pasargadae]]. He wrote an account, mainly geographical and ethnological. His work was largely used by [[Arrian]]. [[Plutarch]] also uses him as a reference.
== Opus ==
He used the word [[pothos]] to interpret the actions, spirit and personality of Alexander.
* ''[[De rebus Alexandri Magni (Aristobulus)|De rebus Alexandri Magni]]'' ({{Polytonic|Τὰ κατ' Άλέξανδρον}})
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