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== Vide etiam ==
* [[Belli scelus]]
* [[Bellum Darfurense]]
* [[Caedes Bosniensis]]
* [[Culturae occidio]] ([[Anglice]]: ''culturecide'')
* [[Holocaustus]]
* [[International Association of Genocide Scholars]]
* [[Iudicia Norimbergensia]]
* [[Maleficium contra humanitatem]]
* [[Mundi iurisdictio]] ([[Anglice]]: ''universal jurisdiction'')
* [[Populi occidio]] ([[Anglice]]: ''ethnocide'')
* [[Populi purgatio]] ([[Anglice]]: ''ethnic cleansing'')
* [[Radovan Karadzic]]
* [[Sexus occidio]] ([[Anglice]]: ''gendercide'')
* [[Slobodan Milosevic]]
* [[Sudania]]
* [[Rwanda]]<!--
* Daniele Conversi. [[2005]]. "Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and nationalism." In ''Handbook of Nations and Nationalism''. Gerard Delanty and Krishan Kumar ediderunt, 1, pp. 319–333. [[Londinium|Londini]]: Sage Publications.
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