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Sociophysiologia est "ludus inter societatem et functionem corpoream,"[1][2] qui vicissim "collaborationem duarum scientiarum propinquarum: physiologiam et sociologiam" implicat.[3][4][5] Sociophysiologia ergo est sociologia physiologica, scientia praecipua, quae physiologicas hominum aliorumque animalium interrelationes investigat.[6]

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  1. Anglice "interplay between society and physical functioning."
  2. Freund 1988: 856.
  3. Anglice "collaboration of two neighboring sciences: physiology and sociology."
  4. Mauss 1936: 373.
  5. Francogallice "Collaboration de deux sciences voisines: physiologie, sociologie" (Mauss 1936: 373). Praeterea, P. E. S. Freund opus F. J. Buytendijk (1974) explicat, quod "is one example of an effort to redefine mechanistic physiology in such a way as to include subjectivity and social existence as interrelated aspects of our physical being" (Freund 1988: 847), ut fiat quoddam "mutually 'conditioning' relation between sociopsychological and biological factors. Social environments 'construct' bodies, which in turn affect social behavior, and this behavior in turn further modifies bodies" (Freund 1988: 849).
  6. "Die physische Seite der Wechselbeziehungen der Menschen kann nichtsdestoweniger Gegenstand einer besonderen Naturwissenschaft sein, welche ich als 'physiologische Soziologie' oder besser 'Soziophysiologie' zu bezeichnen vorschlage" (Zeliony 1912: 405-406). Commentarius Zelionianus anni 1912—primus commentarius qui vocabulo sociophysiolia et eius derivativis utitue (Soziophysiologie, soziophysiologische, etc.)—prima fuit acroasis ad Societatem Philosophicam Petropoli 19 Martii 1909 habita (Zeliony 1912: 405).

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