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Philippus Janvier (Francice: Philippe Janvier) est palaeontologiae et zoologiae Francicus, qui praecipue Palaeozoïcum vertebratum apud Museum Nationale Historiae Naturalis Lutetiae studet. Anno 2003 praemio scientifico Instituti del Duca apud Institutum Franciae laureatus est.

Opera[edit | edit source]

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  • Janvier, P. 1996 et 2003. Early Vertebrates (1996); Early Vertebrates (2003). Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics, v. 33, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England, ISBN 0-19-854047-7 392 pp. - a comprehensive review of the phylogyny and technical characteristics of Paleozoic fish
  • McBirney, Alex et Janvier The Trilobite Affair, Libri Terrarum, ISBN 0-9772425-44 ; 350 pages

Nexus externus[edit | edit source]

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