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Ioël Asaph Allen (vulgo: Joel Asaph Allen; natus die 19 Iulii 1838 in Springfield - mortuus die 29 Augusti 1921) fuit studiosus zoologiae, mammalogiae et ornithologiae Americanus.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1871, Mammals and Winter Birds of Eastern Florida.
  • 1876, The American Bisons.
  • 1877, Monographs of North American Rodentia.
  • 1880, History of North American Pinnipedia.
  • 1905, Mammals of Patagonia.
  • 1905, The Influence of Physical Conditions in the Genesis of Species.
  • 1913, Ontogenetic and Other Variations in Musk-Oxen.
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