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Haec commentatio non Latine scripta est.
Ut teneantur, commentationes bona Latinitate scribendae sunt.
Converte igitur, si potes aut opem apud Tabernam postula. Nisi aerumna inter hebdomadem soluta erit, commentatio delebitur.
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This page is not written in Latin. If the problem is not corrected within one week, the page will be deleted. To save it, please rewrite it in Latin. Google Translate does not produce real Latin, but you can ask for help at the Taberna.
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Haec pagina nondum perfecta in manibus auctoris est, qui gratias maximas cuique aget, qui sibi interea opem tulerit.
Si vero auctor ipse per septem dies nihil mutaverit, hanc formulam delere licet.
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Galfridus Kinney es an scriptor de Commentarii de Inepto Puero