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This template makes an inflected link, without having to do [[yadda yadda yadda yadda|yaddae yaddae yaddae yaddae]]. It currently accepts up to four words, but extending it would be trivial if necessary.


(To leave a word uninflected, follow it by two blank parameters...)

Haec formula nexum cum declinatione ad rem sine declinatione creat, sine scribere “[[Blabla blahbla|blablae blahblae]]”. Quattuor verba, non plura, simul tractare potest.


dat: Civitatis


dat:Civitatum Foederatum

{{N|Re|spublica|i publicae|Populi Democratic|a|ae|Coreae||}}

dat: Reipublicae Populi Democraticae Coreae (Verbo Coreae haud accommodando, adde duas lineolas).