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Usage[fontem recensere]

Citatio arXiv is for formatting references to preprints at the arXiv. It links to the abstract at

To use the template, you need only specify the 'eprint' parameter. Once you save the page, a bot will detect the citation and complete it automatically. (Well, not on la: it won't)

Common parameters, horizontal format

{{Citatio arXiv |cognomen= |praenomen= |auctorlink= |eprint= |titulus= |classis= |annus= |versio= |accessdate= }}

  • cognomen1, cognomen2, cognomen3...: Surnames of the author(s)
  • praenomen1, praenomen2, praenomen3...: Forenames of the author(s)
    • author1, author2, author3 etc: Name(s) of the author(s) if cognomen-praenomen format is not appropriate (e.g. some east Asian names)
  • auctorlink1, auctorlink2...: Name of author's wikipedia page. Will be used to make author name a link, if present. Optional.
  • eprint (Mandatory): Eprint identifier, without any "arXiv:" prefix. Prior to April 2007, the identifiers included a classification, an optional two-letter subdivision, and a 7-digit YYMMNNN uear, month, and sequence number of submission in that category. E.g. gr-qc/0610068 or math.GT/0309136. After April 2007, the format was changed to a simple YYMM.NNNN.
  • classis: arXiv classification, e.g. hep-th. Optional. To be used only with new-style eprint identifiers, that do not include the classification.
  • titulus: Title of the cited paper.
  • anno: Year of publication. Optional.
  • versio: arXiv version, including leading "v", e.g. "v1". Optional.
  • accessdate: Date of web access. Optional, but required by many citation standards.

The template also supports most of the parameters supported by {{Citatio journal}} or {{Citatio}}, and uses the style of {{Citatio journal}}. However, once a paper is published, it is recommended to use one of those templates with, as journals have the finalized and reviewed paper. To preserve the arxiv link, add |id={{arxiv|eprint}} to the {{Citatio}}/{{Citatio journal}} templates.

Examples[fontem recensere]

  • {{Citatio arXiv |cognomen=Sparling |praenomen=George A.J. |eprint=gr-qc/0610068 |titulus=Spacetime is spinorial; new dimensions are timelike |annus=2006 |versio=v1 }}
Sparling, George A.J. (2006). arΧiv:gr-qc/0610068v1. 
  • {{Citatio arXiv |cognomen=Leinster |praenomen=Tom |eprint=0707.0835 |classis=math.CT |titulus=The Euler characteristic of a category as the sum of a divergent series |annus=2007 }}
Leinster, Tom (2007). arΧiv:0707.0835 [math.CT]. 
  • {{Citatio journal |auctor=C. Balázs, E. L. Berger, P. M. Nadolsky, C.-P. Yuan |annus=2007 |titulus=Calculation of prompt diphoton production cross sections at Tevatron and LHC energies |journal=[[Physical Review D]] |volumen=76 |emissio=1 |pagina=013009 |doi=10.1103/PhysRevD.76.013009 |id={{arxiv|0704.0001}} }}
Formula:Citatio journal

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