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This subtemplate of {{Capsa coloniae}} displays a metric/imperial pair of population density values for a line in the main infobox.

Usage[fontem recensere]

{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|unit_pref|DENSsqmi|DENSkm2|POP|AREAsqmi|AREAkm2|subdivision_name}}

where DENSsqmi and DENSkm2 are the density values to be displayed (one may be blank for automatic conversion if the other is numeric; or they may be set to auto for automatic calculation if POP and the corresponding AREA... parameter are present). Other parameters are taken from {{Capsa coloniae}}.

Whether the metric or imperial value is displayed first depends on the value of subdivision_name (usually the country name) and unit_pref (which can be set to Imperial to force imperial-first display). The default for non-US non-UK countries is metric first.

Rounding is always to one decimal place; the units are not wikilinked (compare {{Capsa coloniae/areadisp}}).

Code Result
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|Imperial|auto| |8400|42| |Canada}} 200/sq mi (77.2/km2)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|metric|auto| |8400|42| |Canada}} 77.2/km2 (200/sq mi)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|Imperial|auto| |8400| |109|Canada}} 199.6/sq mi (77.1/km2)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|metric|auto| |8400| |109|Canada}} 77.1/km2 (199.6/sq mi)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|Imperial|auto|auto|8400|42| |Canada}} 200/sq mi (77.2/km2)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|metric|auto|auto|8400|42| |Canada}} 77.2/km2 (200/sq mi)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|Imperial|auto|auto|8400| |109|Canada}} 199.6/sq mi (77.1/km2)
{{Capsa coloniae/densdisp|metric|auto|auto|8400| |109|Canada}} 77.1/km2 (199.6/sq mi)

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