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Purpose[fontem recensere]

This template provides a convenient way to produce an external link to an entry at Allmusic. The template can be used for any link to Allmusic's website, including the External links section or when citing it as a source.

Usage[fontem recensere]

Vertical layout
| class      =
| id         =
| tab        =
| label      =
| first      = 
| last       = 
| accessdate =
Horizontal layout
{{Allmusic |class= |id= |tab= |label= |first= |last= |accessdate= }}
Short layout

Valid with these three parameters only:

{{Allmusic |<class> |<id> |<label>}}

Parameters[fontem recensere]

Parameter Type Description
class optional Class of information, possible are "artist", "album", "song", "work" or "explore". Value for this parameter corresponds to part of URL following "". If omitted, it defaults to "artist".
id mandatory Identification of information. Corresponds to part of URL following "artist/", "album/", "song/", "work/" or "explore/". The text before the actual id with name of artist, album etc. can be omitted. (Example: For "p4739" is sufficient for id).
tab optional If the link should access directly a specific tab on the Allmusic site you can use this parameter to specify that tab (e.g. "charts-awards"). The value for this parameter corresponds to the suffix of the URL following the identification, after the slash ('/'). If you are specifying a sub-tab of a tab, the whole suffix has to be used, (e.g. "songs/songs-composed-by"). Alternatively you can append the whole suffix for tab to the id parameter not using the tab parameter (see example below).
label optional Label to display for the link. If omitted, it defaults to the name of the article where this template is used.
first optional The author's first or given name(s).
last optional The author's surname or last name.
pure_url optional Value of "yes" produces no label and no additional text but a "pure" standalone external link. This option is mainly intended for the automated migration of standalone weblinks but can be used when linking to allmusic using {{Cite web}}, embedding {{Allmusic}} in {{Cite web}}. E.g.

{{cite web|url={{Allmusic |pure_url=yes |class=album |id=r1796665 |tab=review}} |title=<nowiki>Stone Temple Pilots [Deluxe Edition]</nowiki> |first=Stephen Thomas |last=Erlewine}}

accessdate optional Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wikilinked.

Examples[fontem recensere]

Group or artist
  • {{Allmusic|id=p4739|label=Led Zeppelin}}

expands to 

Album (supplying accessdate)
  • {{Allmusic|class=album|id=r15973|label=''News of the World''|accessdate=Febuary 10, 2010}}

expands to 

Song (short notation)
  • {{Allmusic|song|t2454936|"Dust in the Wind"}}

expands to 

Using tab parameter
  • {{Allmusic|id=p4739|tab=discography|label=Discography of Led Zeppelin}}

expands to 

Accessing tab in tab with sort (not using tab parameter)
  • {{Allmusic|id=p4739/discography/compilations/title-asc|label=Compilations of Led Zeppelin sorted by title}}

expands to 

Author name
  • {{Allmusic|class=album|id=r11465|label=Physical Graffiti|first=Stephen Thomas|last=Erlewine|accessdate=Febuary 10, 2010}}

expands to