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Eduardus M. House (natus 26 Iulii 1858 Hustoniae, mortuus 28 Martii 1938 Novi Eboraci) fuit delegatus Civitatum Foederatarum apud Deliberationem de pace componenda Lutetiae facta anno 1919.

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  • What really happened at Paris; the story of the Peace Conference, 1918-1919, by American delegates; ed. E. M. House, C. Seymour. New York: Scribner, 1921.
Bok, E. W. In explanation. - House, E. M. Foreword. - Mezes, S. E. Preparations for peace. - Day, C. The atmosphere and organization of the Peace Conference. - Haskins, C. H. The new boundaries of Germany. - Lord, R. H. Poland. - Seymour, C. The end of the empire: remnants of Austria-Hungary. - Johnson, D. W. Fiume and the Adriatic problem. - Bowman, I. Constantinople and the Balkans. - Westermann, W. L. The Armenian problem and the disruption of Turkey. - Hudson, M. O. The protection of minorities and natives in transferred territories. - Scott, J. B. The trail of the Kaiser. - Lamont, T. W. Reparations. - Young, A. B. The economic settlement. - Gompers, S. The labor clauses of the treaty. - Hoover, H. The economic administration during the armistice. - Mayo, H. T. The Atlantic Fleet in the Great War. - Bliss, T. H. The problem of disarmament. - Miller, D. H. The making of the League of Nations. - House, E. M. The Versailles Peace in retrospect.

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