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[copied from user's discussion subpage)
CalRis25 13:07 nov 18, 2004 (UTC): Hi Robin, your template seems good to me. Personally, I'm against articles about decades, however (and I'm not sure about milleniums either). Do you really believe that we will ever fill those with content? I do not. I added sections for events, birth, death dates as those seem to compose most of the content of year-articles in the English version, e.g. [en:1999]]. The year list should only comprise 3 years before and after because we need the extra space for years a.C.n..
Anyway, once we've decided on a template, it should be stored in a page of its own (any idea regarding its name?) and we create links to it from the Auxilium-pages. Once a template is ready, we shouldn't create lots of empty articles which are pretty annoying when using the pagina fortuita-feature and also prevent determining quickly what is still lacking. A page shouldn't be created before it is also filled with content.

What about having the links to other years, etc, in a table at top right, as on 2006, instead of dominating the whole top of the page?

Robin Patterson 02:37 ian 19, 2005 (UTC)

Now finally copied the 2006 table to 2005 with a slight improvement and invited comment.

On the above comment that "The year list should only comprise 3 years before and after because we need the extra space for years a.C.n.":

  1. the 3-row system allows for several years before and after; but
  2. the "a. C. n." complication may limit it more than what I have for 2005, so I'll do some more testing before trying to set it in stone.

Someone I respect greatly but whose name I forget recently added links to a few nearby years on one of the early year pages (in saeculum 1, I think). Once I get organised I can improve on that while giving the same sort of thing to other early years.

Robin Patterson 06:45 aug 8, 2005 (UTC)

I think there's scope for "decade" pages used judiciously when there is more than a line or two of content for them. Useful for summary of any notable event that covered several years.

Millennia similarly.

Robin Patterson 06:45 aug 8, 2005 (UTC)

Standard headings for year pages[fontem recensere]

I rather like the order of headings I have for 476 because births and deaths are events. (I know one of our language experts prefers "Mortui", so I'm happy to stick to that actual word. There are at least two alternatives to clean up, eg 1997 has Nati and Mortua.)

I'm a bit ignorant about the use of templates. I hope we can have one to take the tedious work out of creating new year pages or improving old ones, but I'd like more idea of how it might work. And can it include standard headings as well as a links table?

Robin Patterson 06:45 aug 8, 2005 (UTC)