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Iustinus Dubnoni SPD,

Confiteor me omnino non intellegere cur velis Tacitum nostrum sub littera C ordinari?

I don't get it, why do you want Tacitus to be alphabetized under C?

--Iustinus 16:23 mai 6, 2005 (UTC)

ADDENDUM: Video hoc tibi esse quasi normam, iam enim idem fecisti aliis nominibus, e.g. Iulius Caesar, Cornelius Scipio Africanus etc. Nonn autem rere usores plerosque Caesarem sub C, Scipionem sub S quaesituros?

I see you have made a general rule of this, e.g. Iulius Caesar, Cornelius Scipio Africanus etc. But don't you think the average user is going to look for Caesar under C and Scipio under S?

--Iustinus 16:27 mai 6, 2005 (UTC)

I think that it could be explained on the Main page. It makes it easier to find people of the same gens.Dubno
I don't think that will be such a great concern to most people, and not everyone with an article is an Ancient Roman. It seems to me that people should be alphabetized under the name they are best known by (whichever one that is). But I am willing to wait and see what other users think. --Iustinus 16:42 mai 6, 2005 (UTC)
Personaly, I find it handy to find all members of one gens under one letter. But I know that the average people won't look for Iulius, when they are look for Gaius Iulius Caesar. However, I think that anyone who can read Latin has some knowledge of Latin names and will thus look under the I when he can't find Caesar under C.Dubno
Hmmm, well assuming the other users are more of my opinion than yours, perhaps we could compromise by adding gentes as a separate category? E.g. [[category:gens Cornelia]] for Tacitus and so on. --Iustinus 17:11 mai 6, 2005 (UTC)
As is done in the Dutch Wikipedia.:DDubno

(I alway seem to loose this discussion.:D)

I'm all for adding the gens category. The more ways there are for the user to find the article, the more likely he will be to find it, and we should always strive for accessibility and openess. We want this thing to be a great resource for PhD's in Latin, but also, hopefully for the beginning Latin student as well. But most people, even uber-geeks of the greatest Latinity, are probably going to look for "Tacitus," so we should always have some kind of category where the name appears that way, even if we add when where you will find him listed as "Cornelius Tacitus."

How about having him listed in the same category under both versions, e.g. "Cornelius Tacitus vidilicet Tacitus, Cornelius" and vice-versa?--Brennus 20:32 mai 6, 2005 (UTC)

That might be an option.Dubno

I agree with Iustinus on this question. I also think that the average user will search for these people under the name they are best known by and so they should be alphabetized under this name. But I would also approve to handle it as Brennus wrote. Tuor 12:28 mai 7, 2005 (UTC)

I agree that we should use best-known names for these people. I can't imagine a classicist to whom it would not eventually occur to look under T for Cornelius Tacitus. Paulus 22:05 mai 8, 2005 (UTC)