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Salve Constantie, would you like to visit Disputatio:Regina Victoria? I noticed you contributed an article about Elisabeth I, and now we discuss the naming convention for English/British queens. Your comment will be appliciated. Ave! --Aphaea

Thank you for your comment. Aphaea

stipula[fontem recensere]

Can you put the {stipula} notice before the {Europa}/{Africa}/{Asia} thing, otherwise it is much less obvious.

Vatanabeus Accius[fontem recensere]

Iustinus Constantio spd: cum sis et Latinista et Iapo, convenire debes Vatanabeum Accium (Akihiko), qui est Iapo lingua Latinae omnino peritissimus. Situm interretialem olim habuit, cuius umbras invenire poteris ope web.archive.org (sed nunc temporis stus ille non munere fungitur). Cum Vicipaedianus non sit ipse, iam confessus est se velle Vicipaedianos Iaponicos cognovisse. Quid ni eum epistula petis, inscriptione akihikow apud yahoo.com. -Iustinus

Addendum: Cum web.archive.org nunc munere suo fungeatur, videtur ipsa universitas paginas Accii ab archivo defendisse, proh dolor.

Admin[fontem recensere]

Hi Constantius, I've requested [for Adminship|admin status] from Adam, and am now on the campaign trail trying to woo voters. Your support would be appreciated :-) Nicolus 13:22 oct 28, 2004 (UTC)

"Imperialis in Iaponia"[fontem recensere]

  • Imperialis in Iaponia = 日本の中に帝国のもの, 日本の中にインペリアルのもの
  • 日本の皇族 = Familia imperialis Iaponiae

Myces Tiberinus 14:29 dec 30, 2004 (UTC)

Imago[fontem recensere]

Hi, imago is feminine,it must be onerata,not oneratus! or use the neutral form :"......" oneratum est.

'Signus'[fontem recensere]

there is no word 'Signus'.correct form :Signum.other word:Insigne not 'Insignus'.But the best choice is still 'Sigillum',which is seal.

Martyria Iaponica[fontem recensere]

The martyrdoms were quite well known to the west, and were often alluded to in Latin texts about Japan (e.g. see Pexenfelder's quote on the Nagasacium page. I'd bet somewhere we can find a listing of the names of the martyrs in some source or another (I'm presuming that you Latinized the names yourself). Especially since they have been canonized: if you're a saint you almost certainly have an official Latin name. --16:44 apr 14, 2005 (UTC)

Sancti[fontem recensere]

Salve Constantinus,

do you know whose idea was to create the "Sancti" template? I think it is way too soon to create such a thing, we must first expand the Saint's pages before inserting a template wich will be empty like in Saint Ambrosius's page. Worse yet, most templates will remain partially empty since there are saints which are canonized without being first beatified, and there are saints canonized "pre-congregation" such as Saint Augustine. I vote for removing that template and expanding Saint's pages little by little (one of my aims in the latin Wikipedia).

Gratias multas, Iosephus Porcarius 20:08 sep 29, 2005 (UTC)

Japanese[fontem recensere]

Salve! Are you Japanese? Can I ask if you attend a school for Latin in Tokyo? I am struggling on my own to learn the langauge. Best regards,--Jondel 04:41, 21 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes, I am a genuine Japanese. However, although my acquaintance was not in Tokyo, since there was a good page, it introduces. The page of the linguistic school in Tokyo "Athenée-Français" (Francogallice Athenarum) is discovered, and I think the kana stood to your role, and indicate an address.

It seems that according to this page it has established in Tokyo Kanda and has continued up to now on January 21, 1913. Of course, there are not only French but English, Classical Greek, and Latin.

How about asking that one surely, if there is interest? --Constantius 09:07, 17 Iunii 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Habeo multo interrest. My latin is probably horrible. Vous parlez francais aussie? (in horrible latin:) Quae alterae linguam scisne? (I don't know if that is correct, what other languages do you know?)I wish I could enroll in Athenee but right now , I may go back to the Philippines, I am also changing jobs. --Jondel 09:46, 18 Iunii 2006 (UTC)[reply]

mongolia[fontem recensere]

Quaeso inspice disputationem Mongoliae...reversurus emendationem tuam sum...--Ioshus Rocchio 13:23, 20 Augusti 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Salve[fontem recensere]

Salve Nipponice amice! A Roma te saluto magno cum gaudio sed non optime domi meae antiqua lingua loquor. Vale! it:Sergiodf

Sorting within categories[fontem recensere]

Hi, this might not result in what you have intended: http://la.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Carolus_Borromeus&curid=19527&diff=210600&oldid=207703 - The form [[Categoria:category|sorting]] tells the system to sort the page by the string "sorting". --Rolandus 08:26, 10 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Will the thing which I meant be for how to about not may be over?  Please advise. --Constantius 09:56, 17 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

A postscript

If it lends it, will it be to have replaced the name to a category?

In fact, what I do may have brought about unfortunate results, but all the pages of a saint of a category ([[Categoria:Sancti]]) begin from a name (a baptismal name); will make it hoarse; did it.

Did you want that the page Carolus Borromeus will be sorted as Carolus Borromeus? If yes, then you need not to write [[Categoria:Biographia|Carolus Borromeus]]. [[Categoria:Biographia]] would have the same effect, because the title is used by default for sorting and will put the article into "C". The former editor used [[Categoria:Biographia|Borromeus, Carolus]], because he wanted that the page will be sorted by the string Borromeus, Carolus, which will put the article into "B". --Rolandus 10:59, 17 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

I understood it. I am careful afterward. I am really sorry.--Constantius 11:11, 17 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Don't worry. :-) There is also another method of changing the sorting: this {{DEFAULTSORT:aaa bbb}}, see Vicipaedia:MediaWiki. --Rolandus 11:42, 17 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Babel[fontem recensere]

Maybe you want also provide Babel templates (Vicipaedia:Babel formulae) on your user page? Maybe Formula:Usor ja? ;-) --Rolandus 11:42, 17 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Edit to {{Data Sancti}}[fontem recensere]

It seems that you edited this formula on 6 April, changing the names of the parameters. Here's the diff: [1]. This appears to have made a mess, because you didn't think about checking or editing the pages that use the formula. So, on most of those pages, the formula no longer works.

You made another similar (but very small) change two days ago: after I changed the wording of the infobox from Attributes to Attributa (which I did because Attributes is not a Latin word), you changed the parameter name from Attributes to Attributa. This was an unwise thing to do. If you change the name of a parameter, you must go to the pages that use the formula and edit them so that they still work.

Please check for yourself and make sure that I'm right about this. If I am, we need you to help clear up the mess you made!

Another time, if you want to change the parameter names of a formula that is used by many pages, either check all the pages that use it immediately, or (much quicker and easier) make a new formula, with a new name, and then (if you want to) gradually edit the existing pages so that they use it. That way, while you are at work, the existing pages can continue to use the old formula. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 17:55, 12 Maii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

PS: You can easily check the pages that use the formula (and see how many of them don't work any more!) by going to Formula:Data Sancti and then clicking on "Nexus ad paginam". Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 17:58, 12 Maii 2007 (UTC)[reply]