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de nomine muneris[fontem recensere]

De nomine muneris vide Disputatio:Praeses#"Praesidens rei publicae" Austriae. --UV (disputatio) 21:05, 19 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

Recte mones: verbo "praesidens" in Austria lege et usu recepto debemus et nos uti. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:33, 20 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

De usu formulae[fontem recensere]

I like the new design but I don't think it serves so well in the navbox function. The only purpose of a navbox (I think) is to provide simple navigation among successive holders of an office or members of a group. Our political navboxes (thanks to the format which you put into effect, UV!) are equally handy at the foot of laptop pages and mobile pages. This new design takes up a lot of space on mobile pages: look for example at Rudolphus Kirchschläger in a narrow window in mobile view: this formula shows a lot of detail not really relevant to Kirchschläger and sends the foreign ministers navbox a long way down the page. My suggestion is that the two designs both have their place and we should, as it were, fork them! What do others think? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:33, 20 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

You are right that I put too much content into this navbox and that the navbox should just provide simple navigation among successive holders. The reason why I edited this navbox was that I was annoyed by the fact that the navbox, before my edit, showed the interim office holders that preceded Van der Bellen, but did not mention the interim office holders that preceded other presidents. Maybe the best way would be to move the full table to a new article Praesidens rei publicae (Austria), to link this new article from the Titulus of the navbox, and to limit the navbox to the 11 "real" presidents? --UV (disputatio) 21:42, 21 Februarii 2017 (UTC)
Fine, I agree 100%. Like you, I prefer to omit brief interim office-holders from a navbox. Now that we have a full table clarifying the position of the temporary "presidents" and giving all the exact dates, we can limit the navbox to a simple list of the 11 names.
A separate small point: I have generally been avoiding turning the whole title of a navbox into a link, because my experience is that if that happens a reader is tempted mistakenly to click on it to expand the navbox. At least, I often used to do that myself! So I've preferred to put relevant links of that kind in the body of the navbox, at the foot of the main list, not in the titulus. But I haven't ever yet asked for other opinions about this ... Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 22:05, 21 Februarii 2017 (UTC)
Good! We could either make the title appear as "Praesidentes rei publicae Austriae" (that way, not the entire title will be a link), or, as you suggest, put the link in the body of the navbox. Greetings, --UV (disputatio) 22:41, 21 Februarii 2017 (UTC)
I have now created Praesidens rei publicae (Austria), improvements are most welcome! --UV (disputatio) 22:06, 26 Februarii 2017 (UTC)