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There is something wrong is this organisation.

Ther is 71 article in Categoria:Stipulae, but from this page, If someone would surf to go on the article of this categoria (stipula biologica), he would have to be first in Categoria:Stipulae, then find Categoria:Stipulae Scientiae out of 16 categoria, and then choose [[Categoria:Stipulae Biologia and find at least one article that would interest him, let's say Elephantidae

Astirmays 10:07, 29 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)[reply]

The alternative is that he would have to sort through all stipula categories -- or worse, all stipulae -- to find the one he wants. As more categories form, this becomes less and less convenient. Presumably your editor who is interested in biology is aware that it is a science. Also, if an editor finds one article that interests hir, ze should be able to easily find related ones; having a structured category system helps this. As a general rule, a page should never be in both a category and that category's parent.
--Alynna Kasmira 17:37, 29 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Quin biologiae?--Iovis Fulmen 19:31, 13 Augusti 2008 (UTC)[reply]