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Singular or plural?[fontem recensere]

Hmm. Should categories relating to (the concept of) opera be singular or plural? Most concepts expressed in discrete entities have plural categories, but some do not; for example Categoria:Opera seria, which is singular in the other Roman-alphabet wikis: da:Kategori:Opera seria, en:Category:Opera seria, nn:Kategori:Opera seria. And of course the categories named for biological genera, and for individual persons, are singular. IacobusAmor 14:13, 24 Decembris 2010 (UTC)[]

This problem is the reason why I was longing for you to start these categories and didn't dare do it myself. We have a general preference for plural if the plural makes sense; but really I think you should decide and others will follow. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:18, 24 Decembris 2010 (UTC)[]