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Inscriptio[fontem recensere]

Some of these people may have been miscategorized. 'Chalcography' is engraving specifically on copper (so the English, French, and German wikis), or on copper or zinc (so the Italian wiki), or apparently on any metal (so the Spanish wiki), so any who engraved only on wood or stone belong elsewhere. Engraving in general seems to be scalptura (Cassell's) and/or caelatura (Traupman). And then what is 'etching' (neither Cassells nor Traupman has it)? IacobusAmor (disputatio) 11:40, 12 Iulii 2017 (UTC)

Morgan gives "rasio" for etching in general, from "rado" and presumably influenced by German "Rasierung," citing Helfer. He concurs that "chalcographia" is engraving on metal. An engraver then might be a "rasor," which is the regular formation but I don't find it in my lexica; Morgan also suggests "glyptes" (-ae, m) but this may also be specifically for engraving on metal. A. Mahoney (disputatio) 14:09, 12 Iulii 2017 (UTC)