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Category[fontem recensere]

I took this out of the page:
  • [[Categoria:Yoga|!]]<!-- Could, I ask is there a reason for this? Exclude ?-Jondel -->
Such notes are better written on a talk page, I think, where it is easy to read and answer them: is that OK, Jondel?
There is clearly no reason for the |! -- that must be a slip of the keyboard. Whether there's sufficient reason for the [[Categoria:Yoga]] I don't know :) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:36, 8 Decembris 2012 (UTC)
Yes Andrew, you are correct. I think the exclamation tends to hide article at the category which contrary to reason of being in that category. It is good that you attend to these details. :) Jondel (disputatio) 10:16, 8 Decembris 2012 (UTC)