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Num telescopium vis dicere? Nam in Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis lego vocabulo telescopium id, quod lingua italiana binocolo nuncupatur, significari (i. e. lingua theodisca Fernglas). -Bavarese (disputatio) 10:04, 12 Iulii 2015 (UTC)

Traupman: binoculars = binoculares (pl.). Binocularibus usitate est actio telescopica. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 11:23, 12 Iulii 2015 (UTC)
The article turns out to be about visors, not binoculars: the photo bearing the caption "Visus nocturnus" is therefore misleading and is being deleted. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 12:07, 30 Iulii 2016 (UTC)

Visor[fontem recensere]

It's basically a "face mask," which might have an obvious Latin conversion. Merriam-Webster says the English visor reflects Old French vis 'face' (and is accordingly related to visage). Surely mediaeval writers produced a Latin name for the part of mediaeval armour that in English is called a visor? Whatever it is would seem apt for "face mask." IacobusAmor (disputatio) 20:13, 13 Decembris 2015 (UTC)

You're right, they did. Found it. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:51, 30 Iulii 2016 (UTC)