Disputatio:Universitas Nationalis Autonoma Mexici

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A A est B[fontem recensere]

Is the doubling in "Universitas universitas est praecipua Mexicana" OK? IacobusAmor 12:17, 13 Martii 2007 (UTC)

Presumably as OK as the doubling in "The university is the principal university of Mexico" — doesn't seem grammatically wrong, really, but probably not the best style. —Mucius Tever 23:26, 13 Martii 2007 (UTC)
Does it sound really bad? --Alexis Hellmer 04:22, 14 Martii 2007 (UTC)

Casus locativus?[fontem recensere]

In "a decreto regali a Carolo V Imperatore signato oppido Pintia, in Hispania," why didn't he seal the decree in the locative case (Pintiae)? IacobusAmor 12:17, 13 Martii 2007 (UTC)