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Motto = Arduus ad solem (Aeneid VI) mottoeng = "Striving towards the sun" (of both Owens College from 1871 and of the V U M until Sept 2004). 12 March 1851 is the opening date of Owens College; the Victoria University received a royal charter 20 April 1880; a royal charter of 15 July 1903 created the Victoria University of Manchester (and abolished the pre-existing University); University and College were merged by Act of Parliament 24 June 1904. Charlton, H. B. (1951) Portrait of a University. Manchester: U. P.; p. 138. (The English WP has more about the motto and there is a different one for the presently existing university: Cognitio, sapientia, humanitas.) The institutional history is difficult to describe in simple terms.--Felix Folio Secundus (disputatio) 04:36, 4 Martii 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]