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This is a rather brief article, but shouldn't it really link to en:Printing which is one of the 1000 necessary articles we don't have at the moment. I was just about to start writing it under 'typographia' when I discovered that we already had that title.Tergum violinae 20:56, 17 Augusti 2009 (UTC)

For the idea of printing, my dictionary gives ars imprimendi or impressio. Gabriel Svoboda 10:20, 18 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
I also came upon 'typographia' for en:Printing. See e.g. Iohannes Iacobus Hofmannus, Lexicon Universale (1698), lemma "Typographia". Elsewhere Hofmannus uses the more cumbersome circumlocution 'ars litterarum imprimendarum' (lemma "Iohannes Gutenbergius". --Fabullus 00:55, 5 Octobris 2009 (UTC)