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The article seems to not have the correct writing for the numer 12 million (in American dollars). And does it say it was the most expensive or highest-grossing animated film? Because at the time it was the most expensive animated film produced with the 12 million American dollar budget. 18:55, 7 Octobris 2012 (UTC)

Could someone please add the following template? Pelliculae animatae a Walt Disney Societate creatae. Bambifan101 (disputatio) 15:46, 1 Iunii 2015 (UTC)

I added it, thanks. Feel free to make those changes yourself; the page is semi-protected, but since you have an account, that doesn't apply to you (and it might be time for us to remove the semi-protection as well). Lesgles (disputatio) 18:17, 1 Iunii 2015 (UTC)