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Exempla "Twitter" et "Facebook"[fontem recensere]

Anonymous added these examples (under the extremely dubious heading of exempli). I have no idea of the source of fritinnandum for Twitter (I would have used Pipilans, a twittering), and liber oris for Facebook: really? Book of the mouth? Surely Liber Vultuum? --Robert.Baruch 16:44, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)

I have always used vultuum liber myself, though I haven't seen it published. As for twitter, I remember reading somewhere that joke, what do you call someone who uses twitter? a twat! which would, of course, lead us down an entirely different direction. --Ioscius 16:52, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)
this suggests liber vultum it might have appeared in Ephemeris. --Ioscius 16:57, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)
Eh, a google site search turns up nothing at ephemeris. --Ioscius 17:02, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)
According to Cassell's, vultus is the expression (appearance, countenance) of the face, but facies is the shape or form of it. So since a facebook would seem to be a book of shapes, rather than a book of expressions, perhaps something with facies would be better. IacobusAmor 18:36, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)
Perhaps more apt would be Liber Personarum. It isn't a book of faces or shapes, but rather of what its users would show to the world, i.e. their mask... --Robert.Baruch 23:23, 5 Martii 2010 (UTC)
That could be a pertinent point, except that the name of the internet entity intentionally duplicates the name of an actual, physical book, containing hardly more than the photos & names of the first-year students at Harvard, where the founders of Facebook were students, who knew from firsthand experience that a facebook is a book of faces. IacobusAmor 00:19, 6 Martii 2010 (UTC)
I somewhere found it as "Liber Prosopographicus"--Xaverius 00:30, 6 Martii 2010 (UTC)