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Black hole[fontem recensere]

When I wrote Relativitas generalis I came up with the name foramen nigrum for black hole, but reading Astrum I saw that somebody else wrote it as gurges niger, which, in my humble opinion, is really nice and more poetic - my dictionary translates gurges as raging abyss :-) Looking at my only source of neo-latin [1] I saw that David Morgan does not have a word for black hole, so I would like to ask somebody that has other resources of neo latin to check what is the usual translation adopted. Thanks in advance. --Mafrius 17:32 sep 16, 2005 (UTC)

Ego quidem ipse gurges niger proposui; nam in dictionariis nondum invenitur. W. Bohmhammel, Kal. Oct. 2005

I've also seen fossa nigra and hiatus niger --Iustinus 20:41 oct 1, 2005 (UTC)

Hiatus et fossa ad res longiores, non ad res rotundas pertinent; inde mihi male sonant. W. B.