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Verifiable & notable[fontem recensere]

Films need to be listed with original titles. Prizes need to have coherent names (original or Latin) and to be notable. At a quick glance (she works hard) I couldn't verify these titles:

  • EURO (no hands)
  • Astrales Meretrices v.32

The prizes make little sense in this macaronic language:

  • AVN (Adult Video News)
  • 1997: Optima in Categoria "Actu Provocante" - Fresh Meat # 4
  • Cetera
  • 1997: People's Choice Adult Award - Optima Revelatio
  • 1998: Penthouse – Mensis Pet
  • 2000: Hot d'Or (França) - Optima Actrix Coadjuvans Europaeia - Le Contrat des Anges
  • 2005: Nympha publica optimae actricis - FICEB (Festum Cinemateum Eroticum Barcelonae)

I suggest, if they are to be reinstated, they need references to prove them notable. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 20:35, 24 Septembris 2009 (UTC)