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Disputatio:Sensus (biologia)

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As it stands, this article is a mess. It doesn't mesh with the disambiguation page, which points (or should point) to Sensus (biologia) -- which has for some curious reason been moved to Sensus -- and Sensus (philosophia), the contents of which has been appended to the present article. I suggest that the present article be redirected to Sensus (biologia). The latter part should be removed and incorporated in Sensus (philosophia). --Neander 22:23, 27 Augusti 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Sensus (philosophia) is the same as Conscientia, which has the virtue of being the term for consciousness that continued in this meaning in medieval philosophy. But I wouldn't have any objection to moving the page to Sensus (biologia) and moving sensus (discretiva) to here. --Rafaelgarcia 22:48, 27 Augusti 2009 (UTC)[reply]
Fine! It's important to get the attribute "(biologia)" back. --Neander 23:05, 27 Augusti 2009 (UTC)[reply]