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Had I written this article I would have placed it s.v. Scrabularum ludus (cf. Damicus ludus), rather than the English name. What do you think? --Iustinus 01:35, 20 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

That makes sense to me. I suspect that if a holder of the Scrabble trademark ever releases an official edition of Latin Scrabble, it will be called something like "SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game - Latin Edition", but I also believe that there is little chance of this happening in the foreseeable future. So the article should follow current usage among Latin Scrabble players and be renamed. Johannes Aquilius 15:19, 21 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

Would anyone like me to ask the Magister Scrabularum here in Toronto if we can use one of his photos? He has lots of pics of Latin scrabble boards from our tournaments, and it would fit the page better than the English board. Adam Episcopus 13:30, 1 Maii 2008 (UTC)

Over two years too late, but hell yes! --Iustinus 13:52, 30 Iunii 2010 (UTC)