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Do we have a citation for nominative form Sapor? I know that's what's generally used in English, but I believe this is just a typical vernacular form for Ancient Sapores. For an example of that see, e.g. Zonarae Excerpta. --Iustinus 16:59, 8 Decembris 2008 (UTC)

Of the ten attestations cited in Cassell's, nine are in the singular, and the number of the tenth (from Lucretius) is unspecified. As to case, two are clearly nominative, two (dulcis, Cic. & Hor.) could be nominative or genitive, one (again from Lucretius) is unspecified, and five are not nominative. IacobusAmor 17:35, 8 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Um... you're joking right? Reminds me of the Persian character I invented in one Latin comp class: "Flavores, Artachocis filius, Xeroxis nepos." --Iustinus 18:15, 8 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Heh. ;) IacobusAmor 00:49, 9 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
I this what you are looking for? Lactantius De mortibus persecutorum 5.3: 'Nam rex Persarum Sapor, is qui eum {= Valerianum} ceperat, …' & Ammianus 19.9.1: 'Interea Sapor et Persae quia tendere iam introrsus autumno praecipiti haedorumque sidere exorto prohibebantur, captivos agentes et praedas remeare cogitabant ad sua.' --Fabullus 06:18, 9 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Yes, thank you. --Iustinus 08:13, 9 Decembris 2008 (UTC)