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Disputatio:Sanctus Ioannes (discretiva)

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This page was originally, mistakenly placed at Sanctus Ioannis, before being moved to Sanctus Ioannes by the original author moments later. This is proper, as Ioannes (as well as Iohannes) is the accepted Latin form. Note however that the Lewis and Short lists the classical form of this name as Ioannis] with an i! This must have changed early, as it is given with the e just about everywhere but the L&S is not a trivial authority! Just FYI. --Iustinus 20:48, 22 Ianuarii 2006 (UTC)[reply]

lingua latina PLEASE!

Scito, o anonyme, morem nostrum esse commentationes Latina tantum, disputationem autem qualibet lingua scribere. Sed si Anglice difficile legis, possumus tibi vertere. Dixi nominis "Ioannis" figura solita nominativa esse "Ioannes" apud Latinistas sed secundum Lexicon "Ludovici et Brevis" (ut iocantes nominamus librum illustrem illum) figura antiquior est potius "Ioannis" cum i! --Iustinus 05:36, 2 Februarii 2006 (UTC)[reply]