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Habitantne Aethiopes Africam orientalem (non septentrionalem)?[fontem recensere]

Scripsit IacobusAmor:

Habitantne Aethiopes Africam orientalem (non septentrionalem)?

Well, this combines two separate statements from the English wikipedia that I assumed refered to the same thing:

  • "However, it is still used certain parts of the world, particularly in northern Africa." (en:Ruta)
  • "Rue leaves and berries are an important part of the cuisine of Ethiopia and rue is also used as a traditional flavouring in Greece and other Mediterranean countries." (en:Common rue)

The idea that the Ethiopian rue is actually R. chalepensis comes from Gernot Katzer's site, and it is certainly plausible that the latter wikipedia article is mistaken in assuming that this is "common rue," as both articles seem to be cobbled together from general sources on Rue. (I could do more research if you really want, but it's hardly the least supported statement on la:!) I suppose that in English the only direction that would make me think of Ethiopia specifically would be "Northeast" Africa: East Africa sounds more like Madagascar, Northern like Tunisia. But nevertheless including Ethiopia in "northern" doesn't seem that far off. Still, if it bothers you, perhaps I should phrase that statement more vaguely. Thanks for the corrections. --Iustinus 19:18, 9 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)

"Northeast" sounds good to me, but a commonly seen phrase is "the Horn of Africa," Cornu Africae. IacobusAmor 20:34, 9 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)

Fons recensionis mense Decembri 2020[fontem recensere]

Brockhaus Bilder-Conversations-Lexikon, tomus 3. Lipsiae 1839., p. 632 (hic in interreti)