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Nonrectilinear images[fontem recensere]

Notice in the photo captioned "Rivulus Dominarum: urbs vetus" how the lens has made the buildings curve, contrary to everything our eyes tell us about reality. Such "barreling" is a distortion produced by nonrectilinear glass. Sometimes photographers choose wide-angle or fisheye lenses so as to create this effect, but often it's the (inadvertent & uncharming) result of a cheap lens. It can be corrected by programs. If one were to perform such a correction, could the corrected (call it edited) version be uploaded as a replacement? If so, how? Since it's not under copyright, it can presumably be manipulated freely by anybody in any way at any time, just as the texts in wikis can, right? IacobusAmor 14:09, 21 Martii 2009 (UTC)

If it is technically possible to improve this image (which I cannot tell), the corrected/edited version could of course be re-uploaded under the same filename (this is analogous to improving an article text in a wikipedia). You could ask at en:Wikipedia:Graphic Lab/Image workshop. --UV 16:38, 21 Martii 2009 (UTC)