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Haec urbs Latine « Stenopolis » nominatur.

Kebeccum, -i, n[fontem recensere]

Hic inveni Quebec, ville de capitale de Canada: Kebeccum, -i, n. pagina 841.


Alex1011 23:50, 3 Iunii 2006 (UTC)

Stenopolis[fontem recensere]

Stenopolis inveni machinis exploratoriis sed solum ut nomen cuiusdam hominis cuiusdam fabaluae. Nexum inter Quebec et Stenopolis non inveni. Alex1011 11:08, 5 Iunii 2006 (UTC)

adhuc duplicavi a Quebecum:

Vagens a colloquio sum. Urbs Qubeci, quae caput provinciae est, aut Stenopolis aut Canadensis Lycopolis a Smith in eius dictionario nominatur. Seriously, I couldn't make that up. Smith's English-Latin Dictionary says that. Sinister Petrus 02:01, 8 Iunii 2006 (UTC)

Alex1011 16:19, 17 Iulii 2006 (UTC)

In conventiculo Lexintoniensi, quidam particeps mihi hanc dixit: "Sine dubio, Stenopolis urbs Quebeci est." Etiam idem dixit: "Marianopolis est melior quam Mons Regium." Ut dixerit. Sinister Petrus 18:37, 26 Iulii 2006 (UTC)
The Indian word Quebec means "where the river narrows", which is in Graeco-Latin "Stenopolis". --Alex1011 13:43, 15 Maii 2008 (UTC)

Nomen[fontem recensere]

Bene: "Urbs Quebeci" multo melior est ac "Urbs Quebecis". Sed forma non apparet in pagina. Habemus fontem pro "Urbs Quebeci"? (I know Americans call it "Quebec City", but we're not talking American here.) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:31, 10 Maii 2007 (UTC)

Hmm, well apparently the official names of the city are "Ville de Québec" and "Quebec City," so I guess you were using "Americans" in the sense of "inhabitants of North and South America"?
But more importantly, yes this name is still awful. We do have some genuine attestations, if not ideal ones. I think we need to switch to those forms.
--Iustinus 17:45, 17 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Si nomen rectum est Quebecum, phrasis Urbs Quebeci Anglice = 'Quebec's city', non? Confer Urbs Novum Eboracum (non Urbs Novi Eboraci). IacobusAmor 18:08, 17 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Nescio utrum "Urbs Novum Eboracum" locutio fixa sit, sed "Urbs" quidem "Roma" saepissime videtur. Recte igitur mones. --Iustinus 18:19, 17 Decembris 2008 (UTC)

OK, I've added all the names discussed here. I guess now the page should be moved. Quebecum (urbs) or Quebecum urbs is probably best (the latter as established above by parallels like "Urbs Roma," but putting urbs at the end for easier alphabetizing, and because it is the less imporant element). --Iustinus 19:23, 17 Decembris 2008 (UTC)