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Quid significant lemma et definitio?[fontem recensere]

"Puncta peritia . . . est unitas mensurae quae ututur [=utitur?] in multis RPG ut personae ficticae lusoris per ludum progressum metiri possit." = Anglice: Points a skill . . . is a oneness of measuring that in many RPG uses so that a player's fictitious roles can measure through a progressing game.' We love these puzzles! (Hint: metiri and uti are deponent verbs.) IacobusAmor 13:02, 17 Februarii 2009 (UTC)

"Punctum peritiae . . . est unitas mensurae quae adhibetur in multis RPG ut lusor personae ficticiae per ludum progressum suum metiri possit." = 'Point of skill . . . is a oneness of measuring that in many RPG is applied so that a player of a fictitious role can measure his (own) advance through a game'. Much better! (But why is RPG undefined and/or unlinked to its definition?) IacobusAmor 14:28, 17 Februarii 2009 (UTC)
I don't have a term for role-playing game which is an RPG. If the verb to use is a deponent, how are you supposed to say "xxx is used by yyy"? Or does that not even exist?--FructusMalus 02:29, 18 Februarii 2009 (UTC)