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Erasmus calls it pulvis bombardica, and of course there's pulvis nigra. But both of them are a little too specific, and I don't know off hand what more general terms exist. --Iustinus 09:14, 19 Martii 2008 (UTC)
from WOrds:pyrius, pyria, pyrium ADJ [GXXEK] NeoLatin uncommon; //fiery; pyrogenic; [pulvis pyrius => gunpowder];--Rafaelgarcia 04:41, 20 Aprilis 2008 (UTC)

Titulus & lemma[fontem recensere]

Fortasse verbum pyrius non est necessarium. Ioannis Miltoni epigramma "In Eandem" has lineas habet:

Ille quidem sine te consortia serus adivit
Astra, nec inferni pulveris usus ope.
"Without your help, it is true, and without the aid of your infernal gunpowder, the King has gone at a ripe old age to be with his kindred, the stars" (ed. & tr. Merritt Y. Hughes, 1937).

Also, Milton's poem "In Proditionem Bombardicam" may give us a Latin term for the Gunpowder Plot (1605): Proditio Bombardica. Of course many other seventeenth-century attestations of Latin phrases for that event must be available. IacobusAmor 03:28, 20 Iulii 2009 (UTC)

Poetry,of course, can't always be relied on for vocabulary, given its reliance on symbolism and context for specifying meanings.--Rafaelgarcia 19:02, 25 Iulii 2009 (UTC)