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It is quite common in Western languages to use Roman numerals for some ordinals. So why shouldn't we do it in Latin, the language that originated Roman numerals?! In this case, "Praemia academiae 80" would look awkward. "Praemia academiae octagesima" could work for this article, but "Praemia academiae octagesima et una" for next year's article would be too long of a title. I am not sure is using "80esima" would be correct Latin, but regardless that too would look awkward in a title. Naming the Oscars after years is vague, as the Oscars are given out in a certain year but are awarded to movies made the year before (e.g. the ceremony that was held in 2008 awarded movies from 2007). This is why I think that "Praemia academiae LXXX" is the best title for this article. -- [Anon]

We don't know what the mover intended, because it looks as if he forgot to fill in the title he preferred! I think I agree with Anon that LXXX is a good way to represent "80th". Personally I would prefer "Praemia Academica" (here and at the parent page) but maybe others don't agree? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:24, 26 Februarii 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Latin does generally prefer using adjective forms when they exists rather than genitives of nouns. However, in this case, "Praemia academica" would mean more "academic awards" or "awards of the academy type" rather than "awards of the academy", which is a more accurate description of the Oscars. So my vote is to keep it as "academiae" -Kedemus 07:00 28 Februarii 2008 (VTC)